Translational Energy
Research Centre

Capabilities and expertise

We focus on low-carbon energy research that is at a technology readiness level of 3-6. This is crucial for shaping early stage research into proven, sustainable solutions, ready for commercial deployment in the UK and beyond.

The Translational Energy Research Centre will comprise of 24 pilot-scale permanent test rigs with the capacity to add more. These various rigs and facilities, together with the extensive range of online and laboratory analytical equipment will be highly integrated around a smart energy management module and low-carbon heat management system, with synergies between the rigs and processes optimised.  As illustrated below:

Image for illustrative purposes only.

Low-carbon generation:

  • Biodiesel engine generator
  • CHP biomass gasifier
  • Organic rankine cycle system
  • Biomass grate boiler including bioenergy with capture and storage (BECCS) capability
  • Gas turbines  – with modifications for integration of molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC)
  • CHP engine for multi-sustainable fuel configuration
  • Energy-from-waste boiler

Oxy-fuel and high-pressure supercritical CO2 (sCO2) technology:

  • sCO2 base power cycle reactor
  • High pressure heat exchanger test bed and shock tube facility
  • Pulverised fuel/biomass oxy-fuel/air rig  – modified for BECCS

Post-combustion CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU) technology:

  • Amine CO2 capture plant  – modified for integration with the flue gas and co-product gas manifold systems
  • CO2 capture rotating packed bed
  • Molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) and gas infrastructure for co-generation & next generation CO2 capture technology
  • Fischer-Tropsch and fuels plant, and product gas infrastructure for utilisation of CO2

CCUS: Hydrogen production:

  • Hydrogen electrolyser

Clean, renewable electricity generation:

  • Electrical energy storage (batteries)
  • Solar PV energy panels
  • Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)


  • Gas mixing facility – synthetic/model flue/process gas


  • Smart energy management (SEM) module
  • Low-carbon heat management system

Part of something bigger

The Translational Energy Research Centre is part of the Energy Institute at the University of Sheffield. Home to over 300 researchers, the Institute is one of the largest energy research teams in Europe. By working with the Translational Energy Research Centre, you will be collaborating with some of the best minds in energy research. Together we can demonstrate that technologies are commercially viable, before investment is committed to industrial trials.

The University of Sheffield has a proven history of working successfully with industry. The Translational Energy Research Centre sits at the heart of the UK’s first research-led manufacturing cluster alongside the University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Factory 2050, Royce, ICAIR and LVV as well as global industry leaders such as McLaren’s Composites Technology Centre, and Boeing Sheffield. This wealth of expertise will ensure our focus remains on aligning early stage research with future commercial goals.

Together we can demonstrate that technologies are commercially viable,

before investment is committed to industrial trials.

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