Strata Technology to deliver the flagship Fischer-Tropsch rig for the Translational Energy Research Centre

UK-based specialist engineering company Strata Technology will collaborate with the Translational Energy Research Centre on its flagship Fischer-Tropsch rig reactor, which will be the first of its kind in Europe.

On 26th March 2020 a project began between the Translational Energy Research Centre and Strata Technology to produce a state-of-the-art Fischer-Tropsch pilot plant, the first of its kind in Europe using captured CO2 and green hydrogen.

Strata will design, build, install and commission the Fischer-Tropsch based plant to produce 1-1.5 litres per hour of hydrocarbons in the range required for aviation jet fuel from captured carbon dioxide and green hydrogen. The plant will allow research into the production of ‘green’ aviation fuel using carbon dioxide captured from waste process streams and hydrogen produced from renewable sources. This research could pave the way to a carbon-neutral aviation industry.

Speaking about the announcement, Matthew Jee, Project Manager for the Translational Energy Research Centre, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Strata Technology on the engineering of the Fischer-Tropsch rig. Our specific requirements for this unique and impressive pilot-scale piece of equipment means we look forward to working with an expert team that can deliver on all of the details.” Managing Director Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian agreed, adding: “By researching sustainable aviation fuel production, we can support the decarbonisation of the aviation industry and develop technology which will help to reach net-zero emission targets in the UK and beyond.”

Read more about the project on Strata Technology’s website here. 

a young woman bends over a piece of lab equipment, wearing a lab coat and a face maskthe outside of the translational energy research centre mid-construction