Translational Energy
Research Centre

Partner with us

Whether you are an SME, multi-national organisation or another research institute we look forward to working with you.

Whilst the Translational Energy Research Centre building is under construction you can still partner with us.


Our computational modeling capabilities are available now some of our current facilities will remain in operation. Plus, we will be continually adding new equipment whilst the Translational Energy Research Centre is being built. You can also speak to our expert academic team about your research and how we can support you. Get in touch here.

There are many ways that you can work with us, including:

  • access to specialised testing facilities

  • design and prototyping that can shorten development times for energy technologies

  • long term projects that give you access to all of the University’s energy related capabilities

  • consultancy for short term problem solving

  • PhD or post-doctoral projects for when you’ve identified a longer-term opportunity, but don’t have the in-house resource

If you’re an SME in the Sheffield City Region, find out how you can become a more sustainable business with free support to reduce emissions and energy costs. Find out more here.

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Translational Energy Research Centre, and how we can work together.

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