Christopher ParksResearch Fellow

    Dr Christopher Parks is a Research Fellow specialising in molecular modelling and works with the Translational Energy Research Centre on sustainable aviation fuels and carbon capture research. His expertise lies in using computational packages to model chemical reactions at the molecular level and applying the computed parameters to real-world problems.

    Dr Parks studied Chemistry at the University of Sheffield where he graduated with an MChem in 2010. He completed his PhD in the same department in modelling the nucleophilicity of metal complexes. This was a joint PhD encompassing both experimental and computational work to investigate the reactivity of mainly rhodium and iridium complexes. Comparisons were made between computed thermochemistry and experimentally derived values in order to improve the modelling protocols.

    As a research fellow, Christopher has worked on multiple projects: FINCAP, JETSCREEN, ALIGN, NICAD and EICAD.  His current research for TERC is focussed on modelling the decomposition reactions experienced by various amines during carbon-capture.  The computed thermodynamic parameters contribute to a larger chemical kinetic model which aims to predict the rate of change of product formation in real systems.

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