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    Dr Mohammed Ismail leads on the theme of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies at the Translational Energy Research Centre and Energy 2050 at the University of Sheffield.  He is an expert in multiscale modelling, operation and integration of renewable and/or electrochemical energy units and systems. His PhD study, funded by the EPSRC and Shell UK, was on the characterisation and numerical modelling of the porous media used in the clean technology of the polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell.

    After completing his PhD, Dr Ismail has worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds and then at the University of Sheffield. Equipped with strong expertise in multiscale modelling and experimental characterisation, he has been an instrumental member for various research projects which involve the use of renewable and/or electrochemical technologies such as fuel cells, solar collectors, batteries, electrolysers and photovoltaics. For example, he has been actively working on: (i) optimising the design and the operation of membrane desalination (MD) units driven by solar collectors and anaerobic digesters and to be installed in some of the rural communities in Egypt to provide fresh water and (ii) replacing the main cost driver of the PEFC technology (i.e. platinum-based catalysts) with non-precious and promising carbon-based catalysts doped with nitrogen. Dr Ismail has, in the past nine years, published more than 35 refereed journal articles, two patents and two book chapters.

    The main focus of the research conducted by Dr Ismail at the facility is on (i) innovating new designs and/or materials to boost the efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of the hydrogen-consuming and generating technologies through numerical modelling and/or experimental means and (ii) investigating optimal integration of hydrogen technologies into the low-carbon energy mix. To this end, his investigations involve, but not are limited to, the use of the following pilot-scale TERC facilities: PEM fuel cell, hydrogen electrolyser, molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) and fuel cell-based CHP.

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