Dr Stavros MichailosResearch Associate

    Dr Stavros Michailos is a Research Associate for the Translational Energy Research Centre and Energy 2050 at the University of Sheffield. He leads on the theme of sustainable aviation fuel production and CO2 supply chains. He completed a PhD in process modelling and optimisation of various biofuel routes at the University of Manchester, followed by post-doctoral research on aviation biofuel and CO2 capture and utilisation technologies at Aston University and the University of Sheffield.

    His work focuses on identifying solutions that have the potential to decarbonise several sectors such as power, heat and transport. His research interests lie in process modelling and optimisation as well as techno-economic and environmental life cycle assessments of CO2 capture and utilisation systems, biorefineries and integrated renewable energy systems. In addition, his expertise includes the development of reactor kinetic models.

    His research at the Translational Energy Research Centre will make use of several equipment including the Fischer-Tropsch rig, the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell and the CO2 amine capture plant. He also works closely with other academic institutions, including the UKCCSRC.

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