Translational Energy
Research Centre

A national pilot-scale facility working to integrate low carbon conventional and renewable energy generation for a secure, affordable and sustainable energy system.

The Translational Energy Research Centre is a national testing facility that will be essential in finding practical solutions to the most critical energy challenges that we face today. The centre is part of The University of Sheffield Energy Institute, a world-leading initiative that is working towards a safe, affordable, clean energy future.

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the facility will give regional enterprises, global companies, new technology start-ups and academic research teams access to advanced testing facilities and the opportunity to collaborate with leading academics in The University of Sheffield Energy Institute on low-carbon energy research. Through industrial and academic partnerships, companies will be able to use the facilities to test, optimise and demonstrate their technologies at a pilot or commercial scale.

The Translational Energy Research Centre will dramatically broaden the scope of the pilot-scale testing facilities currently available in the UK. It will include state-of-the-art equipment for conventional energy, carbon capture, utilisation and storage, biomass, hydrogen, renewable energy, energy storage and smart grids. This means the new centre will rapidly increase the speed that new low-carbon energy technologies can transition to market.

This facility removes the financial risk of large-scale industrial pilot trials
by enabling you to simulate, test and optimise your technologies at scale before investing in deployment.

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