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Recent publications

Our most recent research papers cover all of our key research topics and more. View them all below, or visit our staff page to find links to historic publications.

Zheng L, Singh P, Cronly J, Ubogu EA, Ahmed I, Ling C, Zhang Y & Khandelwal B (2021) Impact of aromatic structures and content in formulated fuel for jet engine applications on particulate matter emissionsJournal of Energy Resources Technology, 143(12). View this article in WRRO

Sultan AJ, Ingham DB, Hughes KJ, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2021) Optimization and performance enhancement of concentrating solar power in a hot and arid desert environmentRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 149, 111411-111411.

Alshehri F, Beck S, Ingham D, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2021) Sensitivity analysis of a vertical geothermal heat pump system in a hot dry climateRenewable EnergyView this article in WRRO

Clery DS, Mason PE, Barnes DC, Szuhánszki J, Akram M, Jones JM, Pourkashanian M & Rayner CM (2021) The effect of biomass ashes and potassium salts on MEA degradation for BECCSInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 108, 103305.

Aliyu AA, Akram M, Hughes KJ, Ma L, Ingham DB & Pourkashanian M (2021) Investigation into simulating Selective Exhaust Gas Recirculation and varying Pressurized Hot Water temperature on the performance of the Pilot-scale Advanced CO2 Capture Plant with 40 wt(%) MEAInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 107, 103287.

Alborzi E, Dwyer MR, Parks CM, Sheikhansari A, Mielczarek DC, Zanganeh M, Meijer AJHM, Blakey SG & Pourkashanian M (2021) Construction of a reduced chemical kinetic mechanism for autoxidation of n-paraffinic solvent – A model for aviation fuelFuel.

Akram M, Milkowski K, Gibbins J & Pourkashanian M (2021) Controlling capture plants to avoid CO2 emissions penalties during peak load demandInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 106.

Ismail MS, Mohamed AM, Poggio D & Pourkashanian M (2021) Direct contact membrane distillation : a sensitivity analysis and an outlook on membrane effective thermal conductivityJournal of Membrane Science.

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