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Recent publications

Our most recent research papers cover all of our key research topics and more. View them all below, or visit our staff page to find links to historic publications.

Celik Y, Ingham D, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2023) Novel hybrid blade design and its impact on the overall and self-starting performance of a three-dimensional H-type Darrieus wind turbineJournal of Fluids and Structures, 119.

Zhang G, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2023) A porous medium approach to the 3D modelling of an entire rotating packed bed for post-combustion carbon captureChemical Engineering Science, 274.

Jiang L, Liu W, Wang RQ, Gonzalez-Diaz A, Rojas-Michaga MF, Michailos S, Pourkashanian M, Zhang XJ & Font-Palma C (2023) Sorption direct air capture with CO2 utilizationProgress in Energy and Combustion Science, 95, 101069-101069.

Harman-Thomas JM, Kashif TA, Hughes KJ, Pourkashanian M & Farooq A (2023) Experimental and modelling study of hydrogen ignition in CO2 bath gasFuel, 334, 126664-126664.

Adams C, Alborzi E, Meijer AJHM, Hughes KJ & Pourkashanian M (2023) Mechanistic investigation into the formation of insolubles in bulk fuel jet fuel using quantum chemical and experimental techniquesFuel, 334, 126202-126202.

Elsakka MM, Ingham DB, Ma L, Pourkashanian M, Moustafa GH & Elhenawy Y (2022) Response Surface Optimisation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine at low wind speedsEnergy Reports, 8, 10868-10880.

Ercelik M, Ismail MS, Ingham DB, Hughes KJ, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2022) Efficient X-ray CT-based numerical computations of structural and mass transport properties of nickel foam-based GDLs for PEFCsEnergy, 125531-125531.

Parks C, Hughes KJ & Pourkashanian M (2022) Furthering the understanding of product formation in monoethanolamine degradation: A mechanistic DFT studyInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 119, 103732-103732.

Harman-Thomas JM, Hughes KJ & Pourkashanian M (2022) The development of a chemical kinetic mechanism for combustion in supercritical carbon dioxideEnergy, 255, 124490-124490.

Lee FC, Ismail MS, Ingham DB, Hughes KJ, Ma L, Lyth SM & Pourkashanian M (2022) Alternative architectures and materials for PEMFC gas diffusion layers: A review and outlookRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 166, 112640-112640.

Alfailakawi MS, Michailos S, Ingham DB, Hughes KJ, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2022) Multi-temporal resolution aerosols impacted techno-economic assessment of concentrated solar power in arid regions: Case study of solar power tower in KuwaitSustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 52, 102324.

Calili-Cankir F, Ismail MS, Berber MR, Alrowaili ZA, Ingham DB, Hughes KJ, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2022) Dynamic models for air-breathing and conventional polymer electrolyte fuel cells: A comparative studyRenewable Energy.

Michailos S & Gibbins J (2022) A Modelling Study of Post-Combustion Capture Plant Process Conditions to Facilitate 95–99% CO2 Capture Levels From Gas Turbine Flue GasesFrontiers in Energy Research, 10, 866838.

Parks CM, Meijer AJHM, Blakey SG, Alborzi E & Pourkashanian M (2022) Computational studies on the reactions of thiols, sulfides and disulfides with hydroperoxides. Relevance for jet fuel autoxidationFuel, 316, 123326-123326.

AL-Arfi I, Shboul B, Poggio D, Ingham D, Ma L, Hughes K & Pourkashanian M (2022) Thermo-economic and design analysis of a solar thermal power combined with anaerobic biogas for the air gap membrane distillation processEnergy Conversion and Management, 257, 115407-115407.

Udeh GT, Michailos S, Ingham D, Hughes KJ, Ma L & Pourkashanian M (2022) A modified rule-based energy management scheme for optimal operation of a hybrid PV-wind-Stirling engine integrated multi-carrier energy systemApplied Energy, 312, 118763-118763.

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