Whether you’re interested in carbon capture, hydrogen or sustainable aviation, TERC can help your products reach their full potential.

Collaborating to innovate

We’re built to support businesses responsively. The facility is open access, and supports industrial and academic R&D through collaborative or contract projects.

A partnership can involve:

  • Long term projects that give you access to all of the University’s energy related capabilities
  • Access to specialised testing facilities
  • Design and prototyping that can shorten development times for energy technologies
  • Consultancy for short term problem solving
  • PhD or postdoctoral projects for when you’ve identified a longer-term opportunity, but don’t have the in-house resource

Working in collaboration with experts means you can reduce the high costs and risks of establishing an in-house team to carry out the research on your own.

the outside of the translational energy research centre

We have previously collaborated with over 120 organisations internationally, including

  • Alstom (now GE)
  • BG Group (now Shell)
  • BOC-Linde
  • BP
  • Carbon Clean Solutions
  • Doosan Power Systems
  • Drax Group
  • EON (now Uniper)
  • EDF
  • National Grid
  • Progressive Energy
  • SSE
  • Siemens AG
  • Clean Energy Generation
  • RJM International

Our partners: Energy Innovation Centre (EIC)

As part of the Energy Innovation Centre membership, TERC and SAF-IC are now partnered with industrial innovators for a long-term collaboration.

Two founding members of the EIC are Boeing and Drax.

Boeing will use the partnership to test, develop and assess new sustainable aviation fuels. The partnership builds on Boeing’s long standing relationship with the University of Sheffield and its presence in South Yorkshire.

Drax’s partnership will use first-of-their-kind technology available at TERC to carry out research and development into carbon capture and utilisation technologies, and to investigate the use of hydrogen as part of the decarbonisation of the power sector.

Our partners: Industrial businesses looking for a sustainable solution

Working with the Translational Energy Research Centre, you will have access to equipment and expertise to support your projects.

We conduct pilot-scale demonstrations for our industrial partners, using our state-of-the-art rigs, equipped with multiple testing facilities, and supported by strong modelling and simulation capabilities.

Coming soon: An industrial partnership scheme for those who want to establish a long-term presence with our facility. For more information on the upcoming membership scheme, get in touch

Our partners: Technology providers with an innovative product

You will have access to equipment and expertise that will turn early-stage research into sustainable, low-carbon solutions, ready for deployment in the UK and beyond.

If your research is at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 3-6, we can support your ideas through collaboration, research projects and a plug-and-play approach. You can join our world-class experts for test days as visiting researchers, consultancy services for short-term problem solving or set up PhD or postdoctoral projects, as well as many other options for short- or long-term partnerships.

Speak to our team of experts today to discuss your research and innovative ideas.

Our partners: Researchers and research organisations looking for a partner

We work with research partners to further the understanding of low-carbon technologies and support a huge range of research. Our unique, fully-integrated pilot-scale site enables trials and demonstrations for ambitious projects with options for different approaches and methodologies. Our team of experts can lead, coordinate and contribute to your research applications and projects, bringing a wealth of experience across fundamental and experimental research.

We also welcome visiting researchers, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

Speak to our team of experts today to discuss your research and project ideas.

Our partners: SMEs in Sheffield and beyond

If you are an SME and you would like to reduce your carbon footprint, we can help you identify practical solutions, whether you are at the beginning of your sustainability journey, or looking to take it to the next level.

As well as working nationally with small businesses, we’re keen to form local partnerships and support the economy and communities in and around Sheffield.


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