Construction continues: An update on our building progress

A lot has happened since works began on the Translational Energy Research Centre construction site in January. Despite the significant consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic, the construction of the facility has recently recommenced and construction of the facility is continuing, albeit with adjusted expectations for delivery of the facility and the installation of equipment.

After a period away from site during lockdown, on 13th April J F Finnegan recommenced work on site with a slow, phased approach in line with government regulations and guidelines on social distancing. The delay to construction works means that our expectations on the completion of the facility and the equipment has moved back by approximately three months. The main building is expected to be completed by December 2020, with access available from October and the installation of the technical infrastructure will commence thereafter, to be completed by January 2021. Research equipment will be brought into the facility and fitted for an expected completion date of June 2021, during which time the centre will become operational and ready for world-leading research.

Works are progressing well at the site, and week by week the facility, it’s main building and research areas both internally and externally are starting to take shape. The main frame and cladding are complete, and the roofs of the main building and first floor are in place. In the main building, the mechanical and electrical services are beginning to be installed, and the research buildings in the external yard have frames erected. The spaces in which the equipment will be housed are now in place, and the ventilation points for the equipment are visible. Insulation and fibre boards have been fitted and you can now see the shape of the windows and doors for the main building.

In the next few weeks and months, J F Finnegan and the Translational Energy Research Centre project team will oversee the installation of the ground floor and research area slabs, the walls and roofs for the external research buildings will be built and we will see the fitting-out of the main building office space.

The hard work of J F Finnegan and the project team is resulting in the realisation of the Translational Energy Research Centre as a world-class, leading research and innovation centre, and as we continue to work towards the completion of the facility we are looking forward to sharing more information about our state-of-the-art equipment, specialist technical infrastructure and world-leading capabilities.

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a young woman bends over a piece of lab equipment, wearing a lab coat and a face maskthe outside of the translational energy research centre mid-construction