Dr Abdulaziz GheitExperimental Officer

    Abdul is the Experimental Officer for the Translational Energy Research Centre with a speciality in heat transfer in thermo-fluid systems.

    His role includes actively supporting experimental work, including carrying out routine operations of equipment and recording data, operational maintenance, and supporting experimental work. He also liaises with site stakeholders regarding current and future work, providing advice and guidance on a range of technical issues.

    Abdul also supports the design, development, manufacture, installation, commission, maintenance, service and repair of experimental rigs; including routine and unplanned maintenance/repair to ensure availability of equipment.

    Abdul has a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering (Tripoli University), an MSc in Manufacturing Engineering (University Putra Malaysia), a PhD from the University of Sheffield, and has worked in a variety of engineering environments, including in the Oil & Gas and cellular base industries globally, as well as working at the University of Sheffield’s Diamond building. He has a history of providing comprehensive, professional, and high-quality technical support on a wide range of equipment types, and has a vested interest in equipment reliability and research outcomes.