Ihab AhmedResearch Associate

    Ihab Ahmed is a  Research Associate specialising in Advanced Gas Turbine Combustion and Sustainable Aviation Fuel Emission. With a profound interest in particulate matter emission and laser diagnostics for combustion kinetics, Ihab has made significant contributions to the field through rigorous research and innovative methodologies.

    Ihab is dedicated to advancing the understanding and mitigation of emissions in gas turbine combustion systems; he brings a wealth of expertise in combustion processes, fuel characterisation, and emissions analysis to his research endeavors.

    As a Research Associate, Ihab is at the forefront of investigating the complexities of combustion dynamics in gas turbine engines, with a keen focus on sustainable aviation fuels. His work not only addresses the urgent need for cleaner energy solutions in aviation but also contributes to the global effort to reduce carbon footprint and mitigate environmental impact.

    A pivotal aspect of Ihab’s research lies in the meticulous study of particulate matter emission. By employing advanced analytical techniques and sophisticated instrumentation, he delves deep into the characterization and quantification of particulate emissions, thereby elucidating their sources and effects on air quality and human health.

    Furthermore, Ihab is an adept practitioner of laser diagnostics for combustion kinetics. Leveraging cutting-edge laser-based measurement techniques, he unravels the intricate details of combustion processes at a molecular level, providing invaluable insights into reaction mechanisms, flame structure, and pollutant formation.

    Ihab Ahmed has spearheaded the design and operationalization of the APU test facility at TERC. This facility stands as a cornerstone in the research endeavors undertaken as part of Virgin’s Transatlantic Flight100 using SAF, the UKRI-EPSRC Program LITECS, and many more ongoing projects, facilitating the rigorous evaluation and validation of future gas turbine combustion and aviation fuels emissions.

    Ihab is not only a dedicated researcher but also a proficient collaborator, actively engaging with interdisciplinary teams to tackle multifaceted challenges in combustion science and environmental sustainability. His contributions extend beyond academia, as he strives to bridge the gap between research and industry, fostering the development and implementation of cleaner technologies in the aviation sector.

    Driven by a passion for scientific inquiry and a commitment to addressing pressing environmental concerns, Ihab remains steadfast in his pursuit of innovative solutions to advance gas turbine combustion and promote sustainable aviation fuel technologies for a greener future.

    Ihab has worked on topics related to the effect of alternative fuels on combustion, emissions, seals performance, vibrations and acoustics. His research interests also include hydrogen combustion, combustors design, combustion dynamics and particulate matter emissions. He has published several research papers concentrating on emissions and vibrations as well as combustion performance of alternative jet fuels.

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