Dr Janos SzuhanszkiResearch Associate - Bioenergy

    Dr Janos Szuhanszki leads the Biomass, Bioenergy and Waste-to-Energy research themes at the Translational Energy Research Centre and Energy 2050 at the University of Sheffield. Dr Szuhanszki has expertise in air- and oxy-fuel combustion of solid fuels, including biomass and Waste-to-Energy processes, and has published several papers on these topics in peer-reviewed journals, as well as a book chapter on oxy-fuel combustion. He has also presented his findings at leading international conferences and symposia.

    Dr Szuhanszki’s work focuses on finding alternatives to fossil fuels and linking power generation with carbon capture to make energy generation cleaner.

    He has extensive research experience in the design and operation of pilot scale experimental test rigs, and has overseen a number of successful research programmes for leading international consortia. As part of this work he operates and manages an extensive range of analytical facilities covering all key aspects of the power generation process.

    At the Translational Energy Research Centre, Dr Szuhanszki’s research makes significant use of the Bio-energy Carbon Capture, Waste-to-Energy, and Organic Rankine Cycle rigs, as well as the other carbon capture and alternative fuel-based pieces of equipment.

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